How to fix Limestone Countertops Recorded

May 2nd

The deep shadows and random patterns of fossil limestone countertops add an exquisite touch to bathrooms and kitchens. Like a rock naturally more gentle, however, limestone is vulnerable to etching by acidic foods and household cleaning solutions. Limestone countertops unsealed are more prone to be etched than sealed. Clean the recorded section of limestone countertop first, to remove any residue or dirt particles. Start by pouring 1/4 teaspoon of neutral detergent in a bucket of cleaning. Remove 1 quart water in it, using a spoon.

Limestone Countertops Remodel
Limestone Countertops Remodel

Dampen a cloth in the solution. Pass through the limestone countertops recorded until completely clean. Dampen a cloth with water again. Clean limestone to rinse the soap scum. Wet leaves after rinsing stone countertop. Spray a polishing powder safe for use in stone limestone evenly over the wet mark wet etching and then dust lightly with water to form a thin paste. Sets sanding disk astrakhan on a low-speed electric drill.

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Continue sanding the surface engraved stone until the discolored mark disappears. Add more powdered limestone countertops polishing recorded, if necessary, and always keep the damp dust, to avoid scratching the stone. Dampen a clean cloth with water. Clean the dusty residue on the surface of the counter, thoroughly rinsing stone.

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