4 Thoughts to Ponder When Deciding if You Should Post Bond for a Loved One

When the phone rings announcing a collect call from the local jail followed by a request to come post bond, your heart probably goes out to your friend or loved one, especially if you’ve ever experienced the hardships of jail before. However, you shouldn’t be so quick to sign that bond. While it’s worth considering this option if it is affordable to your budget, there’s a few important considerations to bear in mind first. The four thoughts below are most important to ponder before going through with that bail bond.

1.    What’s the Charge? You probably want to know the criminal charge that your loved has been charged with committing before you decide to post bond. Whether it is a personal decision to avoid helping out people committing certain types of crimes or you want to avoid signing a bond for someone who is likely to skip out on bail, learn more about the charges first.

2.    Can You Afford the Bond? If you are piecing and prodding together money to post bail for this person, odds are you just cannot afford this financial endeavor and should think carefully about posting a bond. While your loved one may promise to repay the money, do not hold this in stone as the means of repayment.

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3.    What Bail Bondsman Will You Use? Finding a worthwhile bail bond company Beaver County PA is not hard, but you should spend some time doing your homework to choose the best for your needs. Not all bonding companies offer the same service, so check them out first.

4.    Will The Person Go to Court/Repay the Money? If you need the money put up on bond repaid, consider whether the person is likely to repay you before loaning out the cash. Also make sure that you’re confident this person will go to court on the scheduled date and time to avoid problems.